Helm command cheatsheet

5 minute read

This post is a cheatsheet of the helm commands. Helm is a package manager for Kubernetes, like apt/yum/homebrew for Kubernetes.


$ alias h='helm'


Add repo

# use custom repo in China, see https://github.com/cloudnativeapp/charts
$ h repo add apphub https://apphub.aliyuncs.com

Search a package

$ h search repo mariadb

Install a package

$ h install happy-panda apphub/mariadb

$ h install my-coredns --namespace=default stable/coredns --version v1.7.3


NAME: happy-panda
LAST DEPLOYED: Tue Dec  3 15:28:49 2019
NAMESPACE: default
STATUS: deployed
Please be patient while the chart is being deployed


  Watch the deployment status using the command: kubectl get pods -w --namespace default -l release=happy-panda


  echo Master: happy-panda-mariadb.default.svc.cluster.local:3306
  echo Slave:  happy-panda-mariadb-slave.default.svc.cluster.local:3306

Administrator credentials:

  Username: root
  Password : $(kubectl get secret --namespace default happy-panda-mariadb -o jsonpath="{.data.mariadb-root-password}" | base64 --decode)

To connect to your database:

  1. Run a pod that you can use as a client:

      kubectl run happy-panda-mariadb-client --rm --tty -i --restart='Never' --image  docker.io/bitnami/mariadb:10.3.20-debian-9-r0 --namespace default --command -- bash

  2. To connect to master service (read/write):

      mysql -h happy-panda-mariadb.default.svc.cluster.local -uroot -p my_database

  3. To connect to slave service (read-only):

      mysql -h happy-panda-mariadb-slave.default.svc.cluster.local -uroot -p my_database

To upgrade this helm chart:

  1. Obtain the password as described on the 'Administrator credentials' section and set the 'rootUser.password' parameter as shown below:

      ROOT_PASSWORD=$(kubectl get secret --namespace default happy-panda-mariadb -o jsonpath="{.data.mariadb-root-password}" | base64 --decode)
      helm upgrade happy-panda stable/mariadb --set rootUser.password=$ROOT_PASSWORD

Release status

$ h status happy-panda

Show values

$ h show values apphub/mariadb

Override values

$ echo '{mariadbUser: user0, mariadbDatabase: user0db}' > config.yaml
$ h install happy-panda -f config.yaml apphub/mariadb

Upgrade/rollback release

$ h upgrade -f config.yaml happy-panda apphub/mariadb
$ h rollback happy-panda 1

Release history

$ h history happy-panda


Create chart

$ h create deis-workflow

Package a chart

$ h package deis-workflow

Install zip package

$ h install deis-workflow ./deis-workflow-0.1.0.tgz

Get release manifest

$ h get manifest happy-panda

Install dry-run

$ h install clunky2 --debug --dry-run ./mychart/

Lint a chart

$ h lint dnc-cloud-db/

Pull a chart(helm v3 only)

$ h pull stable/coredns --version v1.7.2

Push a chart

$ h push ./coredns/ chartmuseum-dev

List & update dependency

$ h dep list
$ h dep update